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How to Generate Traffic to Your Website With Brisk Facebook and Twitter Activities?

Are you happy with the way traffic is generated to your website? Are you successful in converting leads into customers?

Before you start comparing yourself to big companies, envy their Facebook post reach, or admire their blog sharing stats, it is important to know that small or medium-sized businesses will never share the same budget as the big ones. And everything starts with that!

Preparing the budget for your online marketing takes just as much time as creating a design for your ad or promotion. Strategical thinking in both cases will, without any doubt, save you from lost time and money. But, not every business has the same website goals. While some focus on getting more traffic, others aim to improve their conversion rates. Either way, you as a marketer or a business owner should start with market research in order to create a strategic plan relevant to your business and your customers.

There are several ways to do that. Today, I’d like to show you how you can use Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not a rule, but in most cases you would like to use Facebook for your B2C business, and Twitter for your B2B business. The reason for that is simple. Twitter, for example, is full of business executives, thought leaders and decision makers. They are most probably on Facebook, too. But, there they tend to seek for an entertaining, family/friends or discount/coupon content which has nothing to do with their profession or industry they work in.

How To Use Twitter for Driving Traffic to Your Website?


If you decide to use Twitter for one of your small business online activities, here are 2 tips on how to use that platform to increase traffic to your web page.

  1. Remarket your current website visitors by installing a tracking pixel on your website. This will help you and successfully target the visitors who have already visited your website, and bring them back to you, hence let them explore new content you have published.
  2. Use Twitter Cards to pump up your tweets with rich and engaging media. They will provide you with an increased number of followers through content attribution. There are 7 card types you can choose from, depending on your marketing objectives. Driving engagement from your tweets will likely help you boost the number of your website visitors, hence generate a better traffic. Some marketers find the Product Cards as the most valuable Twitter Cards because they allow users  to share their product photos (and info) via simple tweets.
Twitter Product Card example

Twitter Product Card example

The efficiency of Twitter Cards lays is setting your website content apart from the rest of the Tweet stream, with an increased possibility of users clicking the tweet and/or retweeting it.

How To Use Facebook for Driving Traffic to Your Website?


Facebook is a fantastic tool for increasing traffic for your web page – if you use it correctly. One of the easiest ways is to share your website content on Facebook regularly, assuring your images are big and your updates are short. However, if for some reason you are reluctant to hurry up and see your results sooner, you ought to use Facebook advertising and remarketing as a part of your strategy.

Facebook Custom Audience Targeting for Your Current and New Visitors

Have you got an email list of your visitors or customers? Great! Now it’s time to upload that list to your Facebook page (don’t worry, no one will see it but you and your admins), and start building your custom audience targeting to reach out to the fans that are not yet following your Facebook page. This option will also let you target them via their smartphones.

In case you’ll face a struggle deciding what type of ad to create, think about what you’d like to offer in return for a new Like. If you choose the standard Page Like, it’s good to have a landing page where you’ll offer something of value to your new followers.

One of the ways to boost traffic to your web page is to retarget the visitors who have already visited your web page. With the custom audience list you have created in your Facebook Page settings, you’re able to target the visitors who have already visited you by offering them relevant ads based on their behavior on your web page.

Image by retargeter.com

Image by retargeter.com

Speaking of your visitors’ behavior, did you know that 98% of them will leave your web page without making any action?

Despite the fact that you have done one of the above mentioned social media activities, your customers will interact with your web page multiple times before making any moves, such as purchasing a product or leaving their email address. To increase the traffic and conversion rates you need to own a quality, engaging, and convincing web page.

An Optimized Website as Your Starting Point

While a diversity of appealing content plays a major role in your social media business activities, taking strategic and tactful steps is a part of every business’s wise marketing. With the help of social media, your small business can build up a number of website visitors, and start converting them into leads and customers.

However, to get your website ready for all those amazing visitors, everything starts with the right partner, as I have written in one of my January blogs.

If you haven’t found yours yet, I’d be happy to hear from you, and help you set up that successful website performance, and your extensive online marketing results!

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