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Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Startups – Why a Web Hosting Service Is Your First Smart Investment in 2016

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to start or improve your own business, the starting point should, without any doubts, be an investment in your new or existing website.

Why is a Website Important for your Business?

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla, unsplash.com

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla, unsplash.com

Often, a website is the last thing entrepreneurs think about. However, to make sure they accomplish the many different marketing strategies they have to help their business grow, every entrepreneur, freelancer or founder ought to start their first business steps with a high-quality website.

In today’s information age of Marketing and Web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to their entire business
Marcus Sheridan, Author of The Sales Lion blog, Marketing speaker

One of the reasons a website is so important is the fact that you, as an entrepreneur, need to find your potential customers. Your website is your business card, and its maintenance should be a part of your business plan. Your online presence and your strategically developed website will, unquestionably, make your business valuable and worthwhile in the eyes of visitors, potential customers, clients and partners. Furthermore, it helps you build that perception of trust in the eyes of your customers – which is, as you know, the most important and at the same time the most difficult thing to achieve.

Online Trends in 2016 – and Yes, a Website is There, Too!

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Photo by William Iven, unsplash.com

With trends like virtual reality, 360-degree videos and progressive social media, a website is that one special part of all online trends that keeps evolving (never ceasing!) into an advanced business portfolio aimed to bring you fame. It’s worth paying attention to it, and better yet, it’s worth laying a solid foundation upon which you will build your exclusive online presence. Anything you do is connected to online, and all current and future online trends start with a good website.

There are also 3 other trends that will continue evolving in 2016, albeit at a more advanced pace.

  • Content Remarketing – Once you’ve successfully established your first online presence, it’s time to start thinking about how to recapture viewers that have already visited your website. This is the stage where a content without a purpose, meaning, fun or mobility will not bring any interest to the savvy onliners.
  • Mobile First – Overthrowing desktop in 2016 as per many predictions, mobile is getting its moments of fame this year, with blogs, videos, virtual reality and, yes, the inevitable e-commerce sites. This is why it’s crucial to get your online presence ready as there won’t be enough time to fail.
  • App Indexing – If you’re owning or planning to develop new apps, you better watch out for app indexing in 2016. While mobile responsive web is a good way to start, apps are definitely the ultimate choice for your far-reaching online presence. For all entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups, this is an extremely important factor to consider.

How to Be a Part of Today’s Digital Culture

Photo by William Iven, unsplash.com

Photo by William Iven, unsplash.com

Your consistent digital transformation is an essential part of the omnipresent digital culture today, and its roots are firmly planted by a good hosting service.

Just when you thought a stunning design was enough to impress your future customers, I’m here to remind you that there are several other important steps to make before getting to that design we all want to see. One of them is choosing a suitable web hosting provider.

To gain and establish a presence on the Internet, and also become accessible to others, choosing the right hosting partner is vital. It will not only provide some exceptional features on your website, but it will also ensure first-rate bandwidth, fast accessibility and extensive web space – depending on the hosting rate you choose.

Should you dream big when it comes to hosting? Absolutely!

Your hosting needs should aim high for one specific reason: You’re not the only one. That’s right, the number of your competitors is rising every day, and you should find a way to stand out. Choosing the right hosting provider is one of the ways to do that. Likewise, choosing the right hosting option is another way to enhance your online presence. Features like multiple domains should be overseen on time as you will need them in the future (so why not have them from the start?).

Cloud hosting is one more important part of your digital transformation. “The future of the web” as named not so long ago, cloud hosting offers cutting-edge infrastructure and an extraordinary scalability for your new or existing business. Choosing your own cloud hosting service for a greater capacity and a more flexible (not to mention mobile) way of storing data is, among all other trends, one of the best solutions for your online presence.

With all the 2016 digital trends you will read about these days, choosing a quality hosting provider is the one thing you can’t afford to ignore. That’s why my team and I at Avalon are here to help you take your first entrepreneurial steps and create a seamless solution for your startup, blog, corporation or e-commerce store.

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