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From Zero to Business Hero – a free e-book on online business growth by Damir Mujic

More than 20 years ago our CEO Damir Mujic started a journey that changed his life and made a huge impact on tens of thousands of people he worked with along the way.

It was a journey of hope, a journey of amazing wins and spectacular failures, and a journey of learning everything in his own skin, he says.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you, and that is the reason he wrote this book – to help you avoid pitfalls he fell in, to learn from his mistakes and leverage his investment in time, resources and energy to get the knowledge, insights, experience and best practices and ready to apply to your own business journey immediately, and to get results in 2 years (or less) instead in the 20 that it took him.

The title of that journey is Avalon, and it represents our hosting company he started from scratch in a small southeastern country overwhelmed with corruption and bureaucracy and a market that offered very limited growth opportunities.

Avalon was one of the world’s first web hosting companies, with today’s strong presence in a global market, and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters and even used as a case study for IBM and Lenovo titled as “Next generation web hosting platform”.

Our global operations are today headquartered in New York, while our European office is established in Croatia where the company was originally founded.

This book offers his personal view on the entire business process, from the earliest beginnings to global growth. It covers 20 segments that he wish he knew 20 years ago, the questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves in order to develop a bulletproof online business with proven tactics, strategies and tools that the Avalon team have learned from working with thousands of companies that have moved their business online.

From Zero to Business Hero is an attempt to sum up his twenty years of online business experience in more than one 120 pages, along with what he deem to be of utmost importance in order for it to be able to be used as a manual and as a reference for making your business a success. It in no way represents everything you will need in your life and business adventure, but we believe it’s a very good start.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs, articles, books, and tips that you can find yourself online, as well as read and study. Some of them are pure gold, others are pure flaws. He tested a good chunk of them in person through his business, and here he brings you only verified and confirmed methods, techniques and skills that we’re sure are efficient. So, if you’re ready for a new page of your life, take a look at the book.

Mindset is the set of your beliefs about yourself, as well as the world around you, deeply embedded in your subconscious, and has the main role in what you are going to generate in your mind, what habits you will create in your life, and what moves you will make. If you are uncertain about yourself, with low self-esteem, with a pessimistic view of the world – most of your thoughts will automatically emerge from that angle, and your reaction to thoughts and actions you take (or avoid taking) will be a reflection of your life and your (un)success.

On the other hand, if you are a positive person, full of enthusiasm and optimism, everything will naturally go in the other direction. You have probably stumbled upon a story of how important it is to “positively think” numerous times, and that is, in fact, true. Not because of some sort of well-kept secret, but because of a very simple rule: positive thoughts will create positive ideas, positive ideas will turn into positive words and positive actions, positive actions will create positive things and effects in your life, the positive effects in your life will bring positive experiences that will further affect you to create other, new positive thoughts – and thus create a positive life spiral.

World Famous personal coach and entrepreneur Peter Sage wrote a foreword for the book.

We will continue to publish certain parts of the book over time so you get the feeling on value of all the material covered thoroughly in it and invite you to check out the book for yourself at FromZerotoBusinessHero.com.

There is even a big giveaway worth $55K exclusive for the readers (page 125). 

We hope you’ll like it as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it.


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