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Instagram for Small Businesses: How Visual Content Brings Customers To Your Webpage

While Instagram has been widely known as a free app for sharing photos and videos on social media, some businesses have implemented this fast-growing platform into their daily and monthly marketing plans. Boosting your business’s online performance, as well as attracting more visitors to your webpage, neglecting Instagram’s popularity and power is not an option anymore.

A pic is worth a 1000 words

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram can help you drive more visitors to your website, and help you achieve the level of visual supremacy the way no other social platform would allow you. While businesses use Instagram to reach their target audience with engaging visual content, people use Instagram for visual inspiration, and inspiration is, indeed, one of the things you need to do to direct people to your webpage.

By creating a unique ability to improve your business’s appearance with visual content, Instagram is capable of performing a different, improved and fun look of your business, not only with real-life photos, but also with filters that allow you to enhance the mood of your message.

How To Start Your Business Story on Instagram?


You can use Instagram on your smartphone or computer, but all the necessary features you would need for daily posts are, actually, accessible on the mobile app. To get started, all you need to do is download Instagram app from Google play or Apple Store, and create your business profile like on any other social media platform. Once you have successfully setup your account, one of the things you would need to do, along with posting images and videos, is find the relevant people and start following them. Following interesting people is a smart way to get inspired, as well as get noticed.

Once you have prepared the first set of your images, it is essential to use filters and make your photos look as appealing as possible to stand out and get noticed. It is also advisable to use photo editing apps, and create outstanding and different images. Here are my three favourite ones:




Font Candy

Font Candy on Apple Store

Font Candy




Your Business’s Story via Instagram in 3 Steps

1. Add a Winning Bio Description

To direct your Instagram followers to your webpage, use the only option for a clickable link on the Instagram, which is in your bio, under the name and description. The best way to present your business on Instagram is to specify who you are, what you do, and include the webpage link. Of course, adding a little personality to your bio is much welcomed indeed.

2. Mention Other Instagramers

Mentioning others is similar to Twitter tagging, where you add @ in front of their username. This will help you get their attention. However, don’t misuse this option. Mention Instagramers who would be related to the post, or share something in common, otherwise you will look like a spammer. The reason mentioning other Instagramers is a good option is to engage them into a (meaningful) communication, or better yet, to offer them an interesting prize, offer, gift. Best way to reasonably mention others should be done after your thoroughly research on which users might be interested in what you have to offer, hence provide them with a valuable post that they would share or comment, and engage other followers in your post. If your business is somehow connected to fashion, find out who the most influential Instagramers of the 2016 are.

3. Use Hashtags to Reach a Wider Audience

Due to the rapid change of Instagram’s feeds, as well as an extensive nature of frequent posting, the content you share on Instagram will be lost in a crowd within a minute. This is why it’s recommendable to use hashtags (#) and improve your visibility by joining a community that is linked by the same word in a hashtag. Find popular trending hashtags that are related to your business, and create a mixture of posts by using several at the same time, or separately in each post.

Link Your Instagram With Your WordPress

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.59.33

Of course, linking an Instagram account with your WordPress webpage is essential. This will help you display your latest Instagram photos, videos, locations and users on your webpage, so every visitor will be able to see your live Instagram updates, as well as to easily join you on Instagram via the webpage.

Find the best Instagram widget here, and install it to your webpage for a unique showcase of your Instagram activities.

The Power of Instagram for Business


One of the ways to find out how powerful Instagram really is, is to check out some of the best case studies. One of them is definitely BE LIKE MIKE, one of the most iconic campaigns in the history of sports advertising. Sports drink company Gatorade wanted to celebrate its 50th anniversary by reviving a campaign 23 years after its first ran. They chose Instagram for the campaign.

Instagram was the perfect solution because the campaign is highly visual. – Jeff Miller, Director of Digital Strategy at Gatorade

By using images of Michael Jordan, with a hashtag #BeLikeMike, the company managed to keep the consumers actively engaged in the Instagram campaign. Reaching out to 4.5M consumers with the campaign, the company hit the highest brand recall of any of its Be Like Mike campaigns so far.

This, no doubt, emphasises an understanding of the Instagram’s true potential. If your business is using social media for improving an online presence, averting from the engaged community, such as Instagram, certainly reduces the possibility of directing new customers to your webpage, hence hinders the opportunity for the business growth.

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