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Looking For a Job? Start With an Impressive and Coherent Online Portfolio

As a freelancer or someone looking for new job opportunities, your first step starts with an impressive online portfolio. It enables you to stand out and leave a noteworthy impression in a sea of thousands of other (remarkable) online portfolios. The key of a successful online portfolio is not only a level of creativity. What also counts is a flawless visual storytelling (especially when it comes to first impression), and a quality back-end provider (yes, such as Avalon!).

Spark an Interest for Discovering More About You

I have to be honest and tell you, creating an outstanding online portfolio is not an easy task to do. The reason for that is simple: the competition is excessive and endless. But that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams!

Let me share with you a few briskly creative online portfolios that will, undoubtedly, inspire you in your next steps. You will notice the one thing all of them have in common: an entertaining design. But that’s not all…

Be Fun and Playful


Some of you will remember the coolest online portfolio that has been shared on social media a few years ago, by this incredibly creative graphic designer, Robby Leonardi.
He created a playful portfolio that, beyond question, sparked an interest in his potential customers’ eyes. Creating an interactive game, rather than a browsing style portfolio, is what helped Leonardi stand out and catch that interest all other online portfolios crave for. This Super Mario Bros.-style CV nailed not one, but two important parts of a personal online presence: first impression and desire for discovering more.

Be Coherent

sid santos

One of the best examples of coherency I came upon is Sid Santos’s portfolio. The level of his expertise is clearly visible in one single picture (above). Without wasting too much time on visually explaining what he does, Santos made it simple. By just one look, you can understand he is into packaging design, 3D modelling, illustration – and all that he does in a very personal and easygoing pace (no stress, just fun).

Be Incomparable

christopher ireland png

I know, this is probably the most difficult part. However, in the sea of competition, it is highly recommendable to present your online portfolio in an incomparable difference. I guess this can be said for the Leonardi’s interactive portfolio as well, but I came upon one stunning example of simplicity and incomparability which I’m taking here as an example. 

Go to Christopher Ireland’s online portfolio, and take a look at the front page. Quite simple, you’d say, but simplicity has its way of complexity even when it’s difficult to spot it with a bare eye. The way Ireland presents his work (in a simple A and B option) most probably thrills everyone who visits his online portfolio.

Along with simplicity, he has successfully dominated other 3 important factors: powerful impression, fine prominence, and cogent seductiveness. All 4 create a persuasive online portfolio hardly to stay unnoticed.

How Good is Your Online Resume Back-End Support?

No matter how entertaining, coherent and incomparable you manage to become, all that goes down the drain without a quality partner who will develop a strong back-end support for your online portfolio. To offer a more advanced experience for your future employer or customer, also to control the way your content is displayed on your online portfolio, connect with us and innovate your way to the future.


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