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Want to Be a Lifestyle Blogger? This is What You Need To Know

One of the recent, happy, news have inspired me to write a little something about starting and maintaining a lifestyle blog as a way of personal development or just a simple, yet interesting hobby.

It always makes me proud when I see young Croatians succeeding abroad. It’s not an easy task to do if you take into consideration that Croatia is a small country hardly anyone gives a damn about. Young, talented Croatians are, in most cases, faced with visa issues, not to mention money. When you decide to move abroad, you do that with knowing there will be no family to support you, and no relatives to help you around. You are left on your own to fight for your own piece of cake, and stand out among the thick competition. But here is the proof that hard work, determined mind, and lack of fear undoubtedly pays off.

Swim Against the Tide – the Ultimate Foundation for Online Success

Ella Dvornik, a young and talented Croatian girl, has been named no. 3 UK lifestyle blogger in 2016 by the UK Blog Awards. Her blog IamElla has stood out among other 3000 UK blogs. Considering the fact that the success happened only after a year since she started blogging, you can’t really argue the relevance of such success.

IamElla.com is a vibrant fun place for all of those who need a bit of laughter, inspiration or need their wanderlust filled. – UK Blog Awards

Motivated by her own drive, Ella has put her energy, time and strength into creating the kind of webpage/blog that would not only provide useful and interesting tips, but also a continuity of  highly appealing, self-taken photographs with the kind of trendy consistency much-welcomed for today’s social media community.

Becoming one of the 3 top UK bloggers within such a short period means only one thing: Swimming against the tide is how you stand out in the dynamic competition of such a demanding market.

Be Inspired, Create Your Lifestyle Blog

Photo by Dai KE, usplash.com

Photo by Dai KE, usplash.com

Lifestyle is something that will always be an interesting online topic because it’s everyone’s personal identity shaped in different ways depending on the living environment, culture and mindset. And what is one of the best ways to get inspired than other people’s  success?

When choosing lifestyle as your blog content, there are a variety of content that you can create, hence choose your target audience based on the selected content. Your lifestyle can, indeed, be anything from reading books to cooking, traveling or fashion. There will always be an audience for your lifestyle blog, so the only thing to worry about is how to stand out in the crowd (just like Ella did), and how to maintain your achievement.

So, what are the first (tangible) steps to to take in order to start your lifestyle blog?

1. Get a domain and a web host

Guess what?  You don’t have to worry about that! Luckily, Avalon is here to do that for you. All you need to do is choose your blog name, and leave the rest to us. We will create and publish your blog for you, as well as keep it running smoothly as your exclusive web hosting partner.

2. WordPress Installation

As soon as we finish the registration, we will install WordPress for you. This is where  you will be able to manage your blog content by editing and updating to keeping it visually attractive, as well as keeping it simple for browsing. For more information how to optimise images for WordPress you can read my recent blog.

Your Daily Tasks With Blogging


Before you think blogging is a piece of cake, stop for a second and have a look at your daily tasks that will, no doubt, need a high level of your time and attention.

1. Invest into a camera to create attractive photos (or rent a high class photographer)

Buying stock photos might be a short-term solution, but you would, eventually, need to get to that human side of blogging and share the real-time photos taken by, no one else but yourself.

2. Post regularly (Inconsistency is one of your worst enemies in the world of online community)

Post new blogs 3 times a week to keep our readers’ list growing. Additionally, the more content you create, the more active you become, both on your social media pages (by sharing blogs), as well as in the highly demanding search engines.

3. Find Like-minded Communities (Join, Expose, and Engage with them)

It’s simple. This is where you find your niche, and, most importantly, it’s a place where you get the latest updates for your blogging content. Here are some of the communities I’m referring to:







Using Social Media for Blogging


The rule no.1 is to place your social media icons on your webpage. Of course, don’t make the mistake many people do by placing them somewhere where no one can find them, but rather place them on the top right corner of your front page.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to share your blog immediately after it’s published on your webpage. Not only because it’s fresh and brand new, but also because this is when your sharing activity starts. To boost the traffic for your brand new blog, make a 3-day timeline of sharing the same post on social media, to boost traffic by combining shares. This basically means, the more you share, the more clicks you get. However, if you don’t create a smart timeline you may look like a spammer in the feeds of your followers. Therefore, think about providing value with sharing on social media, rather than just sharing for your own purposes. If you don’t take your friends and followers into account, and only focus on what you need, you may soon end up being widely unfollowed.

It’s good to know your followers on different social media because not everywhere they are the same, and not everywhere they behave the same. For example, Twitter is a good platform for more frequent daily posts, but Facebook, on the other hand, is a platform where users mostly come to find out what their friends and families do, so seeing your blogs shared more than once a day could result in hitting that unfollow button.

Bear in Mind…

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

That’s why your first step in creating something extraordinary begins once you set your mind to it. A good blogger is someone who has taken all the aspects of online comprehensiveness into account, the one who has done a research on potential competition, and the one who has a clear understanding of his or her strong advantages. It’s true, you can, indeed, swim against the tide. However, if you don’t know where you’re swimming to, the tide will, eventually, pull you back to shore.

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