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WordPress As a Multifunctional Platform for Any Type of Business

If you are a lifestyle, fashion, travel, or food blogger, a tech startup, or an adventurous individual, you probably already have your own website as a charming reflection of your personal or corporate business.

Maybe you have thought about which website platform to use, or maybe you haven’t. If you Google about which platform to use, in most cases you will see WordPress as no.1 choice, although there are plenty of praising for the other website builders, such as Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, etc.

These are the DIY website builder platforms I have written about in my previous blog, which, unlike WordPress, fail to offer such a versatility of designs, plugins, features, and functionality. Furthermore, these DIY website builder platforms leave you with less individuality due to their proprietary background, and, once you establish your website with them, they are indeed the true owners of it.

Today, I’d like to show you some of the most successful WordPress websites that strongly and creatively represent their businesses – in different industries.

Fantastic WordPress Websites


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.41.03

BB Dakota – A fashion eCommerce website built on WordPress, beautifully tells its own contemporary story about looking cool, online shopping, and picture storytelling, profoundly merged into one single website. The Instagram-looking style definitely leaves no one heartless, hence stimulate a visitor to discover more.

“Babes in BBD” is the part of the page that showcases fashion bloggers and enthusiasts, connecting their Instagram profiles with the website, creating a community of the new age fashion lovers with only one click. What a brilliant idea!

Successfully combining social media without using the common icons, this fun and refreshing website is an example of how inspiring browsing through online fashion can be, with a drive for discovering more. Using its own original hashtag #ITSONLYFASHION, visitors are invited to join the Twitter conversation right from the website.


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.45.53

Prime IT – an international IT consultancy based in Portugal is another example of how a visual storytelling can boost the success of your website performance. A simple video-style background takes a visitor through the company’s story which is expressed by employees as the strongest and a fundamental component of the company’s culture.

Keeping their international offices in mind, the bottom of the website is reserved for a curious way of  displaying all locations and their local time, with a simple hand-drawn style of icons.

In an entertaining way, the Prime IT’s website is boosting curiosity, making sure visitors don’t leave the page after finding what they need, but stay and discover more. All that seems complex? Yes, complex is what WordPress can do!


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.51.24

Brandts – the Danish museum for art and visual culture is a proud owner of this interactive website that showcases art in the most contemporary (online) way you’ve seen. The fully responsive, WordPress-built website is representing one of the best museums in Denmark by simply bringing to life all its values.

Displaying big images on the left, and clickable text on the right, makes it easy to understand what and when an exhibition is live. With its fairytale appearance, the museum’s website is definitely something different from the usual art sites, and it will, hopefully, inspire others from the same industry to get creative with WordPress – because the options are limitless!

What Makes Them Successful?

laptop clouds

A smart design, responsiveness and creativity is not the only thing that is making these websites successful. A smart investment into a good background solution, WordPress, as well as the quality website hosting is something that makes them stand confident on their feet, without worrying about possible, unplanned consequences that, in fact, arise if you choose any of the DIY website builders. So, why would you choose an insecure solution with a possibility to affect your online presence? There are more simple, and more secure ways of building a strong website – just like shown in the above examples. WordPress is indeed a solution for any type of business. From art to eCommerce, WordPress and its hosting service will, no doubt, provide you with a long-term key for success.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you are probably just asking yourselves “Why the heck would I consider Avalon for my website hosting when there are tens of other, bigger and well known hosting providers out there?”.

To be completely honest, yes, there are many cheaper solutions, as mentioned in my previous blog. They advertise more to gain your attention, and some of them even use naked girls to drive you to their sites – as if there’s nothing else to attract you with. And yes, there is indeed nothing else to attract you with. Let me point out a very important reason to consider before deciding to whom you will entrust your online business:

Unlike those big guys, Avalon is a homegrown small business just like you. We are self-funded and profitable, with almost 20 years of experience in web hosting industry. And we prefer to stay small and focused –  not obligated to report to anyone but you, our customers. Our mission here is to deeply understand your needs and to connect the dots and fill the gaps others don’t even realise exist.

We have only one goal in mind – to make you confident, happy, and successful! How often do you hear that?

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