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Our vision is to be the best next-generation web hosting service tailored exclusively for small businesses. A big shift is coming - the Avalon way.

Learn about what makes us different, and why thousands of small businesses love Avalon!

Designed to make you happy and finally relaxed

Let's keep this one short and sweet - if it's not easy enough for an intern to figure out, then it's too hard. And we know that you just hate those old-fashioned control panels, their ugly interface, messing around with passwords, trying to handle all that stuff and getting lost in the mess. So, we decided to make a difference.

  • Securely logon into your Dashboard with 2-factor authentication for enhanced protection
  • Access and manage your data from any location, with any device, and at any time
  • Monitor your usage stats, update contact information or administrate your billing
  • Manage your domain names and email accounts in real time
  • Install and manage WordPress with one click (coming soon)
  • Synchronize your account with Dropbox and keep all your files safely backed up in the cloud

Reliable networks running at the speed of light

Our platform has been growing and evolving since 1997. Based on this in-house expertise, and in partnership with IBM, we have created unique web hosting solutions with cutting-edge Intel technologies that are operated entirely on Open Source software.

As a premium web hosting provider, we understand the importance of preventing interruptions that could compromise the user experience on our sites. That's why we built our cloud platform on an extraordinarily redundant hardware and software environment (every server, software, and database has several backups ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice) with an automatic failover feature, which ensures that your site will remain live come hell or high water.

Beyond reliability, we are built for speed. Our platform is powered on tremendously fast flash SSD drives, serving your content more than 20x faster than on traditional web hosting servers with HDD storage.

Delivered worldwide, at the blink of an eye

Cloudflare globally distributed content delivery network allows us to serve your site from the closest and fastest geographic location available. This is essential to ensure your visitors get the fastest page load times and most reliable performance, reducing hops and boosting load times by at least double.

And with IP Anycast technology, your website can be served from a local IP address and will appear to be local to any browser or search engine serving loading the site.

The result? Your content is served from 20 points of presence across America, Europe and Asia, and your site instantly gains a global presence on an affordable budget.

Shield protection from hackers and other evil-doers

Cyber security is never a concern - until you experience your first network attack. That's why Avalon is committed to protecting your website against all types of DDoS attacks.

Our network offers several shields and protections to mitigate attacks and protect your website, no mater how strong or relentless they may be. We use various technologies to analyze, filter and handle these intrusions, so only legitimate visitors will be allowed to access your site.

Beyond DDoS attacks, we regularly scan and protect your network and data from virus and malware attacks, and alert you whenever we detect something suspicious. Any attack on any member of our family is an attack on all of us. We learn from past intrusions to create shields that protect all clients moving forward. This means that we are always getting faster and stronger, and are always ready for the newest and meanest attacks.

Backed by support experts that never sleeps

If anything ever goes wrong, talk to our experts! Our support team is packed full of experienced IT engineers, and many of us are designers and developers ourselves. We know the issues you will be facing like the back of our hands, and are happy to help you obliterate them as quickly as possible.

And if you're moving from another hosting provider, we'll be happy to jump in and do all the hard work for you! Just send us a quick message - and let us take care of everything for you!

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