Let's make business together!

Spread the word, get some cash! Get your friends and colleagues to sign up for hosting at Avalon and earn rewards for each referral!

Get yourself a $50 for every single client you refer!

For a next-door IT guy

If you are one of those computer geeks who everyone reaches out to for hosting advice, we want to affiliate with you!
Refer just one new client per month and you can earn up to $600 per year! Your friends will be so happy that they will love you even more!

For webmasters and designers

If you're a freelancer who builds websites for others, let us know! We'll give you free hosting resources for your needs and pay a commission for every client you bring to us! We'll do the hard work and support your people, while you can earn rewards throughout your client’s lifecycle with Avalon.

For digital agencies

If you're a marketing or web agency, and looking to outsource web hosting to a reliable partner, we are going to be your next best friend. No matter how many clients you handle, we'll take care of them and offload you from support and server maintenance.

For hosting companies

If you're a smaller web hosting company, thinking about selling a business and feeling ready to cash out, we might be interested in negotiating a custom deal with you.
Make sure your clients end up in good hands, and get ready to sip mimosas on the beach!

We want to hear from you - no strings attached!

Let us know who you are and how we can make the best deal here. We are open to any custom ideas or offers you might have, and will get back to you in no time at all.